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(287) ATTACK ON ICONS!!! (armin, erwin, levi, some petra, some reiner) (NSFW)
(24) bakuman (fukuda bases)
(83) catherine (jonny & some vincent)
(29) double arts (mostly kiri, bases)
(162) durarara!! (mostly shizuo)
(26) loveless (ritsuka & soubi)
(22) tales of symphonia: dawn of the new world (richter)
(55) tiger & bunny (ivan / origami cyclone)
(07) working!! (sato & yachiyo)
(13) misc. (ghost hound, katanagatari)

(709 kill me) total icons

deep into the mountain sound )

HORRENDOUSLY LARGE ICON DUMP NUMBER TWO!! Jesus fuck this is the last of the backlog and I regret throwing shingekis in here because it took the count from a managable 422 up to 709 and I regret it so much... kill me....

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