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(13) amatsuki (hacker kid)
(20) di[e]ce (haruki & kazuki)
(16) hokenshitsu no shinigami (hadesu) (NSFW)
(24) if only dogs could walk (NSFW)
(130) k project (MANGA: izumo, mikoto, eric) (NSFW)
(05) letter bee (gauche)
(150) magi: the labyrinth of magic (sinbad & zagan) (NSFW)
(55) the last story (syrenne)
(42) togainu no chi (keisuke) (NSFW)
(97) toriko (toriko & coco) (NSFW)

(552) total icons lawd help me

guys there's a lot of porn icons in here ok so be forewarned this post is not for the faint of heart!!

when life leaves you high and dry I'll be at your door tonight if you need help, if you need help )

So a sweet girl PMed me for some PSDs of an old icon set and I realized, hey, didn't I make like a million more? Let me tell u what my icon folder was a hot mess, so I re-organized and cleaned it all up and found a buttload of icons I've made since my last icon post as well as some I overlooked! I'm sure my computer is breathing easier, if nothing else.

ALSO HEY HI THIS IS JAMIE / [personal profile] dickings / [livejournal.com profile] skycatcher I finally made a journal that's right for me and have returned to the land of graphics! I would apologize for showing up for the first time in three years with a bunch of porn but I'm not fuckin sorry.

I'll probably have another post up here tomorrow, as well! I had to split this shit up because I ended up with over 1,000 icons to post whoops...

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(09) .Hack//G.U. (all Silabus)
(35) +C: Sword & Cornett (Orhaldi & Belca)
(149) 07-Ghost (Teito & Hakuren, some color)
(22) Demon Diary (all Eclipse)
(53) Di[e]ce (Kazuki, Haruki, Sion)
(78) Hokenshitsu no Shinigami (all Hadesu)
(18) Letter Bee (all Gauche)
(21) MSPA Homestuck (all Equius)
(19) Nougami Neuro (all Yukinori)
(15) Psycho Busters (all Takemaru)
(38) Star Ocean 3 manga (Albel & Fayt)

(457) total icons

so much for the city~ tell me that you'll dance to the end )

MANGA BASES EDITION! I scrounged up all my cleaned bases and then some— there's a bit of fanart (homestuck & hokengami), some colored manga, some color spread crops touched up, and so on and so forth. A year's worth of accumulation! While I wouldn't usually post these, I do clean the speech bubbles and such out and redraw them a good deal, so I figured it's worth posting batches now and then to share. I play a lot of obscure characters, so why not!

You CAN take the B&W bases and color them! But under one condition: if you do, link me when you're done! c: ♥ Hope it helps! There's a slight grey multiply layer on a lot of these, but it's easy to level right out. If you need help just ask! I can probably dig up the PSDs without it as well.

♪ credit [personal profile] heartbullets or [community profile] naturalperms!
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