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oh my gosh hello this is my first post here I am nervous o///o My name is Remus, it's a pleasure to meet everyoneeee and I come bearing all the icons I've made in the past....however long. Which happens to be about 300. And that's not even including the stock icons and TJ&Amal icons I've made.... I'M SORRY FOR THIS POST ldksjfase

Loveless: 13 [Soubi, Ritsuka]
Vassalord: 56 [Rayflo, Cherry, Toco, Barry]
The Losers: 24 [Jensen]
+C: Sword and Cornett: 9 [Belca, Eco]
Togainu no Chi: 39 [Akira, Rin, Gunji]
Sweet Pool: 24 [Makoto, Zenya]
Lamento: 39 [Tokino]
Blank Slate: 9 [Russo, Zen]
Atlantis: the Lost Empire: 27 [Milo]
Random: 41 [Doll Star, Boys Next Door, Darker than Black, Tales of Vesperia, The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, Wild Adapter, Cowboy Bebop, Pandora Hearts, Batman, mustaches....]

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  • The first TEN people to request/reserve are allowed THREE icons each! Everyone else shoot for TWO!
  • PLEASE go through with your reserves!
  • Icon requests will be filled by an iconist at random. We'll hit the ones we can but it may take some time!

And I'll be finishing up the tardy thanksgiving reqs, sorry about that! ♥