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  • Sorry, I only do icons and shit. :( Don't have those sort of expectations of people, oi!!
  • ANIME / VIDEO GAME / LIVE ACTION: Check! ( 5 for $1 )
  • MANGA OR DOUJIN ICON CLEANUP / COLORING: Check! ( cleanup: 2 for $1, coloring: $2 each )
  • MANGA OR DOUJIN PAGE CLEANUP / COLORING: I'm no professional painter, but check! ( page cleanup: $2, whole chapter/~20pg doujin: $10/hr, coloring large image/page: TBD. Prices may vary dependent on original quality. )
  • GENERAL GRAPHICS (PLURK ICONS, TRANSPARENT PROFILE IMAGES, WALLPAPERS??): Check! ( simple graphics: 2 for $1, wallpapers: $5)
  • CODING: No check. Do not check. Don't look at me, there are better people for this!!
  • ADDING OR UNCENSORING DICKS TO INNOCENT ICONS / NSFW STUFF: DOUBLE TRIPLE CHECK. BRING IT ON! ( $0.50 per dick I guess... Should I even charge for dicks when it brings me such joy?? Probably, if I want money. Examples: a-one, a-twooo~, a-three, CRUNCH. )

  • Is there a limit on how many icons you'll do? Not particularly! Pre-colored (anime/LA/vidya) icons go pretty quick so I'll not put a limit on those, but for colored manga/doujin icons, I'll probably set a limit of 30. You can always request another batch after I finish the first! I just don't want to get too deep into commission hell and let people down by taking too long.
  • When can I expect these by? I will get to commissions ASAP, but I do work a fairly physically-demanding full time job and am slowly but surely remodeling my home, so there's usually only a couple days a week I can work on things. It might be within a few days, it might be within a couple weeks, but I'll definitely give you a good idea when I reply or shoot you a PM to let you know if there's any delays! Just let me know if there's any deadlines, i.e: I'm apping this character to a game and need icons within a week, etc.
  • Do you take DW points as payment? I might in the future, but as of now, unfortunately not!
  • Do I need to provide all the images or do you have a secret vault of amazing quality sources? Are there quality restrictions? I do not have a secret vault of amazing quality sources, where did you hear that sort of nonsense? Ah? (Please do provide the best quality you can find! I might be able to dig up some good quality manga RAWs if you need help, but generally I won't go searching for things!) The better quality images / larger images you can provide, the better the final product! But I can also work on previously-cropped bases and such. For manga: batoto.net , kissmanga.com , mangahelpers.com (RAWs available sometimes) are your best friends! Sometimes just searching "mangatitle chapter# raws" will turn up some good shit too. Please don't crop images beyond selecting a panel you want; the end result will be better if you aren't resizing anything!
  • Will I get a preview before filling your bank account with them dolla dolla bills? Absolutely! I'll send one or two samples to make sure you like the colors / styling before I really get down to the hot n heavy work.
  • How should I send you images? Uploading everything in a .zip or a .rar to google drive, box.net, or attached to an e-mail to gaucches (AT) gmail.com (include the journal name you've commented with please!) is preferable! Imgur sometimes compresses images or makes reds ugly and photobucket is a straight up nightmare so don't do that thing if you want sexy lovely graphics!
  • I'll take payment BEFORE the project is complete! I'll do a couple samples to make sure everything is fine before payment, then the finished project will come back to you likely zipped up through google drive unless you prefer otherwise. c:



  • I default to brighter / lighter colors but can emulate different styles if you want to match to another set you've had done!
  • No source is too dark!! ...Usually. Try me out and I'll do my best!


  • See here is what I mean by "original quality = quality of what you get", man. Look at icon #4 from the last story... don't cap shit off the wii, kids. You'll always regret it!!
  • Since video game capture quality varies so greatly, so too might the icons you'll get. I usually find 720p videos from youtube, rip them, and screencap those to the best of my ability. It's done me all right so far! (Unless it's wii games. Seriously. You're screwed, friend.)
  • Pixel stuff is fine too! I'm not as experienced with it but I'll definitely do my best. The World Ends With You had really jagged lines that I smoothed out manually, and those came out pretty all right!


  • CLEANING: I have a tablet and oodles of experience with manga editing, so removing tones / backgrounds / redrawing where speech bubbles have interrupted the art is not a problem at all. I'll always do my best to leave bases as clean as possible (here is a whole post of bases for examples) unless you specify otherwise / want to leave in some speech bubbles or sound effects or anything! Please let me know. c:
  • In most of my posted bases I've slapped grey layers on or really faint texture, but this is completely optional! It just added a bit of finished flair since I very rarely went back and colored icons for myself, whoops.
  • COLORING: I'm no artist by any means so I don't have a whole lot of styles and I don't feel I can pull off flats very well, but I'm always willing to try if it's what you want! The same is true from my anime icons explanation that my preferred palettes are lighter/brighter colors but I can do others as well. Color, at least, I feel confident with! I can do monochromes with pops of color, earthier/jewel tones, pastels, etc. I just shade by default so my price includes shading, but if you want flats, it will still likely be the same price since it will probably require more effort/time on my part to get it right, oddly enough! :c I'm sorry!



  • Why did anyone ever let me typeset... that's just asking 4 trouble. RIGHT CLICK > OPEN IMAGE IN NEW TAB THESE SUCKERS.
  • EDITING: I've been a manga editor for well over ten years now, and have worked on projects such as D.Gray-Man, Gintama, Di[e]ce, Karneval, Hunter X Hunter, Eyeshield 21, Team Medical Dragon, and so on. I've trained teams and can do just about anything that needs doing short of re-toning entire projects, if only because I don't have tones downloaded anymore! I can redraw, smooth tones, edit out SFX and so on, and I'd be more than willing to help with any projects you may want to take on! Or if you just want a few pages cleaned up for graphics, that's fine as well. c: ( NSFW another before & after sample)
  • COLORING: Again, I'm no artist. I only have one recent example of a full-sized panel I colored and it was honestly just dicking around with a technique to color hair I was streaming as an example, but if it's what you want and you want to pay me for my work/style, I'll certainly try!

[personal profile] nipponpon ) 30 manga color, style matching ✹ zelos one two three
✹ project ) samples
✹ project ) samples
✹ project ) samples
✹ project ) samples
✹ project ) samples
✹ project ) samples
✹ project ) samples
✹ project ) samples
✹ project ) samples

✹ one
✹ two
✹ three
✹ four
✹ five
✹ six
✹ seven
✹ eight
✹ nine
✹ ten
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yayyy! okay, sorry, I was at work! I'm heading over to do that right now!
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Hey! I don't want to make it sound like I'm rushing since I know you said it could take a while, but I just thought I'd ask and see if you had an estimate of when they'd be done?
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yells excitedly DON'T EVEN WORRY, but oh boy, thanks so much for the update!! and that preview, how cute ;3;
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GREAT I will wait excitedly, no worries!! (but ahhh yes I have the PC port myself even if I haven't had a chance to play much of it, do it do it relive your past)
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OH GOSH thank you so much!! I'm going to relax and go peek at these and upload them now, thanks a ton you've been great!!