redsnow: (music's up)
Zelos Wilder ([personal profile] redsnow) wrote in [community profile] naturalperms 2016-04-19 07:12 am (UTC)

creeps in here... hello!! I have no idea if this question will make sense because what is making icons, but! all of the icons I have by user moxies I really enjoy the color palette of (except the tiny thing of the eyes being slightly too purple instead of blue), so I'm wondering if that's a palette you could enjoy working with! I don't mind if there's shading or not really, I just want more zelos faces but with the same sort of color-feel to them...!

if you're down for it I'm leaning towards getting a decent amount of icons, but I just want to make sure they'd fit in how I imagine and you wouldn't have too much trouble with working with those colors!

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